Before I could speak, X spoke 
Outpost, Norwich (2017)

We’ll say ‘Shall we have that then?’

You’ll say, ‘Yes’

You’ll make the decision but we’ll make you make the decision.

Yeah looks really good. Really like what you’ve done in here, beautiful touch, takes a homey feel to make these things work.

We know your stupid…
We’re always telling you you’re daft.

Can I motivate, can I train, can I lead, can I handle five hundred things at once, have I got flair for merchandising, can I deal with customers you know, etcetera, etcetera? I mean it’s a helluva thing. It’s a helluva difficult role and the trouble is it changes.

I turned up at X’s house and the chain had come off my bike, so when we went to shake hands, mine were slippery with grease.

Before I could speak, X spoke.
Mine is a project, yours is a cycle.
X said.

I said.
I spent several weeks working for a carpenter, I made a bench that was quite beautiful. Everything was done by hand, the legs were slightly angled and I joined them using a circular wedge joint.

X passed and laughed.

I said.

I was tired when I got home. I switched off the bathroom light and washed up the stack of mugs by the side of the sink.

I said.

They asked me to help take the planks off the back of the lorry and when i’d come they were already out.

And X said. We can’t work in extreme conditions, we like repetitive tasks and we are not interested in being on top.

We act and speak and create the world we describe. Sai
d X.

3 animations on loop (45 secs)
A4 Text on printer paper
Sculpture (concrete, steel, stone, gems)