Of Heart and Minds

Now the rain and weather on people in this region can be harsh and very unforgiving. On the formal approach the patrol are placed on very high alert.
It’s amber alert. Its top cover, have weapons stopped and red at a moments notice. You can not see the enemy more from the north. The ability to observe and blend in with the local populace before striking.

Sound of rain

What it was quickly with the casualty.
The chest seal has to be applied.
They’ll also extract the casualty to a safer location Time is always of the essence.
The casualties need to be pulled clear of the killing areas as soon as possible.
The damage needs to be accessed.

Sound of gun shot

You see the recovery mechanics are performing a very hasty recovery indeed the recovery vehicle is getting pulled up. Ready for extraction.

Yes the patrol remains on high alert because they know at any point the insurgents could show themselves again.

Surely you’d like an underdog

Crowd laughter

An underdog – they just get slaughtered.


Is the recovery variant powered by 440 break horse power 10 point ve liter, six cylinder turbo common rail injection to the engine. This is a powerful replacement. It’s a rugged vehicle and can even operate without preparation or relative aviation fuel. The vehicle is 8.8 8 by 8 wheel drive, with a self leveling suspension which means it’s able to negotiate very rough terrain. It can also be fitted with applique out the back to provide crew with bar strength. Comes ready for phone and radio installation and on a recovery mission equipment includes grains and witches stitched to front and rear to be capable of self recovery. The recovery vehicle is capable of lifting fteen tons on the gear but the distant of 2.3 metres but can tow a 44 ton vehicle. That’s a vehicle twice its own weight.

Lets leave it then.


I’ve actually got an interview next week Probably the right job for you.
Telesales type thing. Again they rang me up, out of the blue and offered me a job.


They all got taken. It’s not like lying down... People who were trained directly are all. People who are working.
They’re all the same age.
They’re all the same age.

Our troops go forward.

Sound of gun shot continues.

It doesn’t need it camou age. Another cooperates but there will be no more ghting. They fall in the eld to their deaths, but the dead can do nothing.

Heavy gun fighting

It’s a friendly exchange, they find nothing.
They fired and fired again.
The machine gun fires and fires.
Using up the last of the fire power.
A lone man runs, he needs what little help he can. Cheering crowd.
He doesn’t know which way he could remain to leave. Stand up. He can’t. His injuries are too great. The sky comes forward again. He doesn’t have to deploy the gun at all but he moves in to complete the business.

You’re not fighting one sphere,
your fighting at least three spears.
And the lightening armour person takes up the space of two heavily armed persons there.

Weapons are relinquished.
Get down from your vehicles.
Weapons are confiscated

Sound of wind

May I ask you to put your hands together for the re- enactors who made this possible.

Thank you so much you started before me. As you can see the troops are fighting hard and fast for our entertainment. Any moment now the hit lights will be turning up. No longer would soldiers just fight over a peaceful bit of land. Soldiers were dying in the field as you can see they aren’t really dying.

Our farmers appear to have changed.
Instead of crops their now handling weapons.


Thank you so much you started before me. The re- enactors who put todays show on aim to educate and enlighten you. They do not intend to glorify war in any way though as you can see they take huge pleasure in reenacting those difficult times in appreciating the lives of men and women who fought. I hope you’ve taken the time to visit them at their various displays where they’ve been able to talk to you about armed conflict how useless it is and the difficulty of the life of a soldier. I hope you’ve been able to see close up how much detail and accuracy they go to portraying their chosen countries regardless of nationality. This battle was bought to you today by the Military Odyssey organisers. Today they were successful but we know from history that was not the ultimate outcome of the war. It was never going to be easy. Many lives were lost, there were triumphs and there was despair. These, ladies and gentleman are the ordinary fighting men, sent to do a duty of which some of them were not quite so sure. We’d like to thank the various groups that helped to make this possible.