How many homes you came with us? 

Rijksakademie Open Studios, Amsterdam. NL
10th ~ 21st May. 2022

In the Netherlands, flats are rented to perspective tenants ‘kaal’, which translate as bare or empty. Tenants must install their own floor when they move in, and remove it when their tenancy ends. With the housing crisis leading to precarity in the rental sector, you hear of people who have a floor but no house.

This is the first in an ongoing series of works titled - How many homes you came with us. Floors are uninstalled from houses that are being vacated/demolished and reinstalled outside of the domestic sphere. This acts as an archiving of space, the traces and marks we leave behind, as well as an architectural record of the homes floorplan.

A question too is raised around waste. The ubiquity of cheap plastic laminate flooring as housing uncertainty leads to a precarity in the tenant.

- we lift the bookcase and carry it to the other side of the room