We'll Dance Till Our Feet Are Black
L'Blassa, Marrakech Biennale 5. 2014.
Carpet - 2.4m x 1.8m
Performance - 9 minutes

'Winnie examines the difference between how Marrakech functions for its tourists and for its inhabitants. Playing with language and architecture as two historical, structural and movable elements of the city, Winnie has drawn “lines” that create connections across Marrakech. She investigates too the role of the craftsman in Morocco and the tourists relationship to them. With this is mind Winnie had a carpet made, where she, as the buyer, spoke English, the seller spoke French and the producer spoke Arabic. She handed over a printed, black and white drawing of lines tracing the city and asked if the producer could chose the colours and sign the piece. What she received back was an interpretation, drawing a conclusion that even a line is cultural. Exhibited here is the carpet, which is seen as a form of translation.'

The piece was accompanied by a performance. A text written in response to the process, filtered through a live translation. From English to French to Arabic and back again.